Nakatoshaj Flute Store

American Indian Flutes Available for purchase 

This selection of flutes displayed changes frequently due to sales and production changes I add each flute I make as I make them but when I get about 12 flutes on hand I stop holding flutes because they are each so beautiful and sound so lovely that it creates such a distraction to folks that I have decided to limit my on hand selection to 13 flutes or as is commonly known a bakers dozen. Now I am always avaliable to custom handcraft your flute and the flutes I have on hand will give you a nice idea of what you may want to order of course I require deposits and documentation on all orders

Professional lighting group

American Indian Hand Drums

I also hand craft hand drums and stationary drums or what folks call pow-wow drums thes are just a couple I managed to get permission to photograph                                                                                                                                                                               Walks where others fall  Raven sings


American Indian Stain glass relights or framed hanging panels

This is skill I learned a while back and fell away from practicing it because of the storage space it requires , but I am getting better a controlling my space invaders now so here is a good example of more works to come

 Orca Pod1 orca pod 2

I also make other things like moccassins and bussels and beadwork and looms and drum sticks and craddle boards and baby hammocks I teach how as well oh yes and then there is wood carving LOL and Silver work Too!!!

I also grow some of the best organic Cannabis in the Willamette Valley ( check out " The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company " on FaceBook)

You Are very Welcome

Mi-Cree-Ni Quash-Mah

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